The Pyramus & Thisbe Club

The Pyramus & Thisbe Club is the organisation for construction professionals specialising in party wall matters.

The majority of the members of The Pyramus & Thisbe Club, like Tim Matthews of TMA, are Surveyors. However, other professional groups such as architects, structural engineers, solicitors, barristers and others with an interest in the subject are welcome to join.

The Club seeks to advance knowledge of the Party Wall Act and promote best professional practice.

Why Pyramus & Thisbe?

The unusual name of the Club refers to the ancient lovers from Roman Mythology whose story is retold in Shakespeare's play A Midsummer Night's Dream. According to the various myths Pyramus & Thisbe lived in connected houses but were prevented, by their parents, from marrying. Their romance was conducted through whispered conversations through a crack in a wall between the houses but ended in tragedy.