Building Surveys

We recommend that anyone buying a property commissions a full Building Survey (sometimes called a Structural Survey) before completing their purchase.

According to research by the RICS a quarter of all homebuyers who fail to have a survey are forced to make unplanned building works to their property. The average bill for these works, such as damp proofing or repairing a roof was over £1,800 - but in some cases was a lot higher.

A common misconception is that a mortgage lender's valuation report is a survey. In fact it is merely a valuation carried out on the mortgage lender's behalf and not designed to highlight any potential problems with the property.

A Building Survey undertaken by TMA will contain information about the structural condition of the building and full details of any defects together with the need for any future maintenance or repair. All parts of the building that are visible, both internal and external, from the roof to the foundations are inspected and covered in the detailed report.

If you have specific concerns or queries about the property or about something revealed by the mortgage valuation, please mention these to us in advance and we will ensure that they fully checked out.

Contact us for a quote for a Building Survey - we are sure you will find it competitive and will offer you better value, and peace of mind, than a 'Homebuyers Report'.