Boundary Disputes

Disagreements between neighbours about the exact location of a boundary are becoming increasingly common. A minor disagreement can quickly become a full-scale dispute causing much stress, expense and bad feeling between neighbours.

There are many reasons why such disagreements arise, often from misunderstanding. TMA can help you to resolve the issues quickly, before things escalate, by giving expert advice on the boundary.

Where is my boundary?

The boundaries of your home are marked on a large scale Ordnance Survey plan held by Land Registry. However, this only shows the general boundary it may not indicate the exact boundary for example whether your boundary runs down the centre of a hedge or to one side of it.

What next?

TMA has wide experience of dealing with boundaries and we can help you identify where your boundary most probably is.

If you and your neighbours disagree about your boundaries, it is always advisable to try to resolve any concerns you may have amicably. By providing expert, independent advice on the boundary TMA may be able to help both parties come to agreement. If the case is more complex TMA can provide expert witness to support a court case.

In some cases it might be appropriate for a boundary dispute to be dealt with by mediation also called Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and again TMA can advise on this process.